Youth, Etc. is a DC based web series that follows Jaden and B, two best friends navigating their twenties, love, life, blackness, etc. through a series of misadventures.

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About Youth, Etc.

The concept for Youth, Etc. comes from in-real-life best friends, Banna Desta and Jalen Parker. The goal of this web series is to chronical the many different experiences of young black people. B is a 1st-gen black woman and Jaden is a queer black man. Their friendship is based not only on their shared blackness, but also the differences in identity that shape them. We follow both characters as they tackle their professional and personal lives in Washington, DC.

As co-creators/writers/actors, Banna and Jalen both crafted the web series from the ground up with the help of an amazing crew.

Bridget Gales lends her talents as the director and co-writer of the series. Her qualities as a leader and decision maker help guide Youth, Etc.

Miles Le is the videographer for Youth, Etc. His keen eye for cinematography shapes the aesthetic of the series.

Yohana Desta contributes as a writer and also lends guidance for the series. As the main writer for the pilot episode, she kicks of the story in exciting and hilarious fashion.

Daniel Darnell crafted the logo/graphics for the series which ties in the overall bright and colorful aesthetic.